Graphic Design Trends in 2023

Graphic Design Trends in 2023 will continue to be influenced by current world events. In times of uncertainty or upheaval, we look for safety and reassurance. In 2023, we are getting back to basics by revisiting design trends from the past, and searching for more authentic points of connection. But it wouldn’t be graphic design if we were not also looking towards the future. Designers will continue to push forward and communicate ideas in new and innovative ways.

What will be the next Graphic Design Trends in 2023?

In 2023, expect to see a return to traditional serif fonts, Art Nouveau, and 90s nostalgia graphics. We will also see brands using organic textures, original illustrations over stock images, clean geometric shapes, bright colours, and 3D design elements.

Natural Patterns and Organic Shapes

Organic shapes and textures were popular in 2022, and this will continue in 2023. Woodgrain patterns, stone textures, and organic shapes are popular for brands wanting to create a natural look and feel.

Example of organics shapes in graphic design

Grain and Noise Texture

Grain and noise textures are starting to appear in mock-ups and illustrations. The use of grain texture adds depth and dimensionality, that can give designs a modern, yet vintage look. It also makes the designs look like they are hand-drawn on paper.

Grain and noise texture graphic design example

Parametric Patterns

Parametric patterns involve using algorithms to produce complex shapes and elements. They are composed of intricate shapes that are based on geometry. This effect gives designs a sense of movement.

Parametric pattern example : Graphic design trend in 2023

3D Graphics

As we head towards the metaverse, 3D graphics will continue to be a strong trend in graphic design. The demand for realistic virtual reality experiences is inspiring a fresh wave of 3D designs and typography across the industry. 

3D graphic images in shades of purple

Bold Colours and 90s Retro-futurism

The use of bright and bold colours alongside 90s patterns and quirky designs will be popular. Vibrant nostalgia was a trend in 2022, and this will continue in 2023.

example of 90s retro futurism design

Geometric Shapes

The use of geometric shapes will be popular in 2023. It is a trend that businesses and consumers are likely to use, as it gives a sense of stability and dependability.

geometric shapes on website designs and print materials

Pastels and Bright Colours

The use of pastels and bright colours in designs will continue. The combination of bold and muted colour palettes creates a nostalgic look and feel, which is a popular theme at the moment.

Graphic design examples showing the use of bold and pastel colours used together

Drawing and Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations and drawings will continue to be popular. Hand-drawn graphics can achieve higher engagement and build empathy. Expect to see more hand-drawn elements in branding and product designs.

Montage of hand-drawn pictures

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts will be making a comeback in 2023. The shift from minimalist designs to more classic typefaces started in 2021, and will continue in the new year. Serif fonts give a sense of timelessness and tradition. Expect to see designers manipulating ascenders and descenders to create modern designs.

Example of a modern serif font

Art Nouveau 

The Art nouveau resurgence in 2022 will continue in 2023. The use of organic lines and intricate patterns adds a touch of elegance and nostalgia to designs.

Examples of Art nouveau designs


The world of graphic design is always changing, and although there are trends that are easy to predict, designers are adept at taking the pulse of society and communicating old ideas in new and exciting ways. The trends listed above are just some of what we will see in 2023.

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