10 Reasons Why Using WordPress for Your Website is Good for Business

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A question we often get asked is why we like using WordPress to build our websites. 

In this article we will share our top ten reasons it outperforms drag-and-drop page builders. A common misconception is that WordPress is a blogging platform. Although it started that way, it has developed into a powerful website builder, used by companies such as Sony and Time Magazine.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com – What is the difference?

WordPress.com is a service that allows you to build a website using WordPress software and gives you managed hosting for your site. WordPress.org allows you to download the software which you can use to build and maintain your website. You can learn more about the difference here. WordPress.com is great for beginners or personal/hobby sites, but if you run a business, we recommend using the software provided at WordPress.org and hosting it yourself. 

Benefits of using WordPress for your website

There is a range of benefits for both first-time users and professional developers. Here are 10 reasons we think it is the best website building platform. 

1. It is Free

Both WordPress.com and WordPress.org are free to use. It is open-source software that is developed by a community of contributors. You can download basic themes and plugins that are free, but there is a cost for premium themes, plugins and hosting.

2. Easy to Use

It is easy for beginners. It has a simple dashboard which makes it easy for people to add pages and posts and manage their website. There is also a community of developers who will offer advice and help troubleshoot issues. 

3. SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important for every website. WordPress was built with SEO in mind and uses high-quality code that helps sites rank higher in google and other search engines. 

4. Big community

It is an open-sourced software available to anyone. Users are not limited by price or skill level, and this has created a massive community of WordPress users who share content and contribute to its development. There are a lot of resources available if you want to learn about WordPress and if you face any problems, the community will help and offer advice.

5. Here to stay

Website builders come and go. Open-sourced software like WordPress is likely to be around for a long time. WordPress is not maintained by a person or a company and if it disappeared, the code could be easily forked and launched again in a matter of minutes. It is protected by the WordPress Foundation—a not-for-profit organisation committed to its growth.

6. Scalable

A challenging aspect of owning a website is scaling it. If your business grows and you publish more content, you want to scale without having to redo your website. In WordPress, the theme is a building block on which you can add new pages and content.

7. Easy to Manage and Maintain

It is easy to use and maintain. Every website needs to undergo regular maintenance to ensure the site is operating properly. Website management involves keeping a check on security, updating themes and plugins, managing spam and testing functionality. With the proper training, people can often manage this themselves, but to save time, you can opt for managed hosting to take care of it for you.

8. eCommerce Integration

If you decide to expand your website and set up a shop, it is easy to do with the WooCommerce plugin. The advantage of using WooCommerce over another eCommerce solution, such as Shopify, is that there are no monthly fees.

9. Security  

It was developed with safety and security in mind. But this does not mean it completely protects your site from attacks and malware. WordPress makes it easy for you to enhance the security of your website with features such as password protection and making it easy to enable an SSL certificate.

10. Ongoing Improvements

Because of the community and the open-source code, it continues to develop and grow. New features, templates and plugins are constantly being added, and the CMS keeps improving.


WordPress is one of the most popular web building platforms in the world, powering over 40% of all websites. It is an excellent choice if you want a website that has excellent support, is easy to manage and can scale with your business.

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Inkt Creative is a full-service Web Design and Content studio based in Bendigo, Australia. We specialise in Website Design, WordPress Development, Graphic Design, Content Writing and SEO.

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